Ready for tomorrow?

Some Glen of Imaal Terrier people have started travelling, some have arrived already and the majority have yet to start the journey to the NEC. Of course have a great trip whatever stage you are of the journey and we’ll see you there. It’s preaching to the converted but have you got the comfy shoes? The headache tablets? The passes to get in? The map in the car in case roadworks overrun? If you have promised to pay Jean (and Noel) your 2015 EFG (and GOITA) memberships please put the money in an envelope with your name on the outside-it saves a heap of money all rattling around together and a getting home with “whose was that?”

There will be Schedules for the EFG Open Show available so if you can’t remember where you put yours from before Christmas…….also entries can be handed in (hint, hint). What about the “bring and share”? This is well liked by everybody but this year the decision has been taken to not have a Big Eat In because of sheer logistics. With Glens being second in behind such a big Wheaten entry it would mean eating first. There is the grooming and the shopping to be done and who wants to run round after a big eat? Unless the breed is very lucky it will already be removal hour by the time judging is finished and folk will want to go home so let’s schedule it for lunch time in 2016, in honour of 20 years of the EFG.

If you are in the East Car Parks. particularly E5, there is a pontoon across an area of the lake. It’s fine for dogs and trolleys.


2 thoughts on “Ready for tomorrow?

  1. Good luck to everyone showing tomorrow. We’ll be up on DD, really looking forward to it! After all its where I discovered and fell in love with the breed 19 years ago.

    If you like you can put me down for a special 20th anniversary cake for 2016.

    Hope to catch up with lots of you and I have my little envelopes with sub’s in! Lol

  2. The pontoon was an experience, especially in the dark! Lol

    Mutley, Murphy and Misty had a great day on DD today. Met some lovely people and Mutley even got a Radio 2 shout out which ment people came looking for him 🙂

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