Last applause for 2015…probably

We’ve congratulated the Glen of Imaal Terrier winners and exhibitors┬áplus the long distance travellers so today it has to be the “I was there” brigade and for you it’s the biggest salute. Whether you came by train, car or bus just to see the Glens at Crufts we appreciate it because without you there would be no breed. There would be no applause ringside and nobody to spread the word further….and it’s a word that sticks. At least two folk at the show “just visiting” had their first Glens in 1981, way before most current exhibitors had even heard of the breed. Great to see you again!

Of course the Discover Dogs heroes must be listed as they, and their human companions, do Glens proud right through the four days. Digby, Inga,Nellie, Leia, Misty, Murphy, Mutley, Milly and Molly are just a few on the roll of honour; if anybody cares to send other names they will be fully recognised and thanked. Of course there has to be a mention for the very well received (and very, very edible) Glen biscuits baked by Lynne Fraser and enthusiastically consumed by all who had them.

After a Crufts with very peculiar publicity the call has gone out for every breed to show how positive we are; the photograph below will do nicely for Glen of Imaals