They are out there….again

The big majority of Glen of Imaal Terrier people can never quite work out why anybody would either a) use a Glen for cross-breeding or b) want to own a cross bred Glen. The thing is though we know what Glens are like. They are a wonderful breed but they do have some very anti-social traits and the thought of those mixed with another breed’s “not so nice” ones leave a shiver down the spine.

Some don’t realise this and think it would be brilliant to either have their Glen “have babies” or think a half Glen will nearly give them the real deal. Glen mix hasĀ been used as a strapline by American Shelters for a while-after all any pedigree name costs more-but it isn’t that common in the UK. Springtime sees the emergence of the…of the…of the dubious advert (for want of a better word). If you want a Glen of Imaal Terrier please don’t have a cross as there are more puppies out there than you think. You won’t regret it!!