They are out there….again

The big majority of Glen of Imaal Terrier people can never quite work out why anybody would either a) use a Glen for cross-breeding or b) want to own a cross bred Glen. The thing is though we know what Glens are like. They are a wonderful breed but they do have some very anti-social traits and the thought of those mixed with another breed’s “not so nice” ones leave a shiver down the spine.

Some don’t realise this and think it would be brilliant to either have their Glen “have babies” or think a half Glen will nearly give them the real deal. Glen mix has been used as a strapline by American Shelters for a while-after all any pedigree name costs more-but it isn’t that common in the UK. Springtime sees the emergence of the…of the…of the dubious advert (for want of a better word). If you want a Glen of Imaal Terrier please don’t have a cross as there are more puppies out there than you think. You won’t regret it!!

4 thoughts on “They are out there….again

  1. Liz I respond to point on Xing the Glen its always been the way to put a good hard wheaten or Bull into the Glen to keep it sharp every so often then breed it back i see no harm in that. Who wants a big fat lounge lizard or a sausage roll door stop or simply a exhibition dog incapable of doing its job in their home or kennel?
    If you look at the difference between the working collie and the show collie in basic apperance and in intelligence their is a marked difference ! I agree Xing for the sake of Xing is pointless and as the GlenSkye proven stupid but using a related breed as an outcross every so often can be very useful to keep the “fire” in the breed.

    • Steve-you are talking of working practices. What is appearing now are people just crossing Glens for no other reason that they can and somebody will pay money

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