It had to happen…head in hands

Last week cross bred Glen litters were mentioned; or Glen mixes as the Americans call them. There was more than a hint of sarcasm in the reasoning for the US style “Glen Mix” but this has landed in the inbox. Head is now in hands

4 thoughts on “It had to happen…head in hands

  1. I am afraid that even though we knew it was inevitable, words still fail me!

  2. I don’t think the Glen mixes in the US are legitimate. The resuces and shelters here want to attach a breed to dogs. Having a rare breed at a rescue makes that dog more adoptable and unique so I think that is what is happening. There are so many other breeds of terriers that are prevalent in the US compared to Glens that I think these mixes are just a terrier mix.

  3. I’ve seen at least one jack o glen! Sadly the UK is going so far down the designer cross route, really sad! Sadly people believe that the crossing wipes out all the hereditary problems!! I have a good rant about this at least once a fortnight!! 😉

  4. Glen x Jack Russell ive seen these in the past far too brave for their own good and not a pet.

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