Keeping to the slightly more serious side-as it’s Friday

24 Apr

Written by a vet for the profession:-Facing Breed Related Diseases as a Vet

Not a new piece but food for thought once more

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One response to “Keeping to the slightly more serious side-as it’s Friday

  1. Alison

    April 24, 2015 at 8:20 am

    Very good article … it also discusses the responsibilities of breeders, breed clubs and those looking to purchase a puppy …

    1. The Kennel Club’s “Mate Select” provides a search facility to check health test results:

    Type in the name of the Glen whose results you would like to check … the name MUST be spelled correctly!

    2. You can also sign up to MyKC … … to look up health test results and view pedigrees.

    3. Alternatively, ask the breeder to provide you with the link to the health test results of the sire and dam … on the results page of each dog, there is a link that can be emailed to prospective puppy buyers, e.g.

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