Eye Testing

If you were at the EFG Open Show last weekend you’ll have already seen the advert but for those that didn’t…


The annual BVA/KC eye testing will be held on Saturday 11th July at the usual venue

Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road,,

Swineshead, Boston, Lincs. PE20 3HH.

Peter Bedford will be testing and appointments are required.

(From early June) ring Sheila on 01507 313904 or email ceskyterrier@ymail.com

This all ALL BREED not just Glen of Imaal Terriers

1 thought on “Eye Testing

  1. Eye testing recommendations feature in the Code of Ethics for both breed clubs. Although we have a DNA test for one form of progressive retinal atrophy (crd3), it is still important to monitor the ocular (eye) health of the breed …

    If you are planning to mate your bitch or stud dog, please ensure that s/he has an up-to-date eye test at the time of mating i.e. within the 12 months prior to planned mating.

    If you have ever bred from your Glen/s, please ensure that they are regularly eye tested throughout their lives.

    The following “Best Practice” guideline, in the “Breeders’ Section” of the Code of Ethics, was voted for at the EFG’s AGM in March 2015:

    Eye testing using the BVA/KC Eye Testing Scheme
    Both parents to have an up-to-date eye test certificate at time of mating i.e. within the twelve months prior to mating
    Ideally, breeding stock to have regular eye tests, if practicable, throughout their lives – at least every 24 months until the age of 10 years


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