It’s nice to be thought of…repeatedly

Over the years it’s been said again and again; if you find/see anything that you think may be of interest……..which is why such a wide variety of subjects are covered on here. Sometimes the same item is sent twice, occasionally three times but never before has something been sent by five different people from three different countries. Even more interestingly they all saw the interest for Glen of Imaal Terrier owners and enthusiasts but for slightly different reasons. Have a read at what was sent and see what you think.

2 thoughts on “It’s nice to be thought of…repeatedly

  1. If you look at the photo of Glens taken upon their recognition by the IKC back in the 1930’s and compare the Glens in that photo to many of the extremely short legged heavy bodied Glens we see around today, you can certainly see how much our breed has deviated from its origins as a proper working dog which could easily cover rough ground to one which in many cases has very poor movement.

  2. Tip have you seen pictures of pride of the valleys and Murphys tiger they were short legged hard dogs with big heads The Pride was only one of only 3 proper champions the breed has ever had
    and the other two proper champs were both low to the ground with big heads !
    Funny all three were wheatens?

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