Bath critique


Glen of Imaal Terriers

My thanks to the exhibitors who had come. This was quite a difficult entry to judge with four absentees & therefore only three dogs & seven bitches present. There was quite a variation in type, size & head properties among those present. I was disappointed to see a number with somewhat narrower skulls than is required & some with very little stop.

PD (0).

JD (1) 1 Alstead’s Golden Spurs, an upstanding dog who strode out well moving around the ring, though he was however just a shade close behind when seen coming & going. Good strong bone. Excellent head. Could be slightly darker in eye. Correct ears. Good topline & tailset & pretty good in typical coat. Shown in excellent condition with plenty of muscle. His type carried him through to win RCC.

PGD (0).

LD (2) A.

OD (3,1a) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, very strong dog with a good head & skull with enough stop & powerful muzzle. Good eye & correct ears. Stands extremely well with plenty of bone & is well proportioned. Good compact feet. Moved out well behind. Coat not at its best either on body or head but he was a powerful dog who showed well & had good strength & substance. Went on to win CC & BOB;

2 Hadleys’ Donvaleset Rebus, not in the best of coats & a bit lacking in furnishings. Good in skull & has enough body & bone & had enough rib without being overdone there. Moved a bit close behind & was somewhat erratic in front movement at times.

PB (1)1 O’Brien & James’ Amhard Jessie Jay, the only puppy present. OK in head properties though a slightly bigger eye would improve her expression. Good strong skull. Good in neck & topline & enough bone. Not in the best of coats & could do with just a shade less weight but still a puppy. Can move OK but was reluctant to get properly into her stride. Needs more ring training.

JB (0).

PGB (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Fade To Grey, scored well in neck, body, topline & tailset & was very good moving – one of the soundest here, but didn’t have quite the strength of muzzle, width of skull or sufficiency of stop to complete the head picture. Good topline & correct spring of rib.

LB (4)1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Rock On Ruby, rather a tall bitch who was lacking in coat quantity & texture today. Scored for movement over 2 both in front & behind. Strongly made & showing great power & propulsion & drive. Plenty of depth & plenty of bone & good feet & good width of skull RCC;

2 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, a very typy bitch who was good in topline, correct for size though could have had just a shade more body substance. Good for coat but didn’t move as well as 1 in front or behind;

3 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl.

OB (2,1)1 Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, quite pleasing in head & expression though doesn’t always carry one of her ears correctly. She moved soundly both in front & behind. Enough spring of rib without being overdone there & OK in topline & overall body proportions. She was shown with fit body & muscletone. Good bone & enough bend of stifle. CC.