We’ve said it before……

….and we’re more than happy to say it again!

Stood there at a show we were (just practicing to be Yoda) and suddenly the comment came out; why are Glens shown on a table? Don’t ask me, you know I think it’s ridiculous. Well we should stop it; put it on the blog or something. Conversations like that are manna to every blog writer so here we go:-

Why are Glen of Imaal Terriers shown on the table? They never, ever used to be and a judge this year has already asked the question of “when did Glens become tableised?” Admittedly the spelling of that might not be correct but it is such a great word it has to be repeated.

You wouldn’t show a Staffie on a table so why are we oiked up there? When this came up once before the judges were the reason given. Can we say rubbish? We just did. If a judge is so unfit they can’t bend down they shouldn’t be judging because they’ll either a) upset their back more or b) overbalance when they turn around to watch the Glen move.

Let’s get Glens back on the floor where they should be!!


7 thoughts on “We’ve said it before……

  1. I always give people a choice. As one young dog decided to throw itself off the table (luckily it launched my way and I caught it!) when I judged a couple of weeks ago the floor seems a better place!

    I know at 20 years in glens I’m still really a newbie, but when we started adults were always shown on the floor. Then all of a sudden we were getting weight lifting practice in getting them up on a table!

    I made it clear aty last appointment that floor or table were fine by me. But a few years ago at Crufts I was informed by an elderly judge that if Mahluf was not put on the table he wouldn’t be judged! At an open show I was informed that my ‘Skye terrier’ would need to go on the table too (but that’s another story! Lol)

  2. Years ago I had my dog on the floor ready to be judged. The elderly judge walked up and said ” on the table please”. As the dog was in the open class it was obvious he was a full blown male. I did reply politely that puppies and youngsters on the table but adults are usually shown on the floor, I was told in no uncertain terms that unless he was put on the table he would refuse to go over him and I would be asked to leave the ring. So all behind me were put on the table. Yes, you can assume that dogs at eye level are better observed especially if not standing in longer grass and wet grass. How many wobbly tables have glens been stood on that have shook and the dog has been upset.
    We should have the option to show on the floor and perhaps all learn to free stand them or is that another question?

  3. Glens should be shown at the floor!
    Glens isn’t a miniature breed…it’s a quite big dog, on short feet.
    Our male Glen weighs 15 kilos, and are sometimes ordered up.on.the table.
    Our Lagotto is 11 kilos, and no judge in the world would ask her up on a table…

    So why Glens??

  4. No reason to put any glen on a table for judging – they are a solid breed and some tables wobble plus you have to lift down & resettle the dog to move off.

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