On the 11th there will be….

……a professional groomer present to help out & answer questions.

The EFG Companion Show on July 11th (not long now) always attracts a fair few Glen of Imaal Terrier owners and prospective owners. One of the things that often causes a bit of head scratching to possibly not so experienced owners is the great heap of hair that Glens grow. It is said all the time that Glens are a hairy breed but when you actually, for the first time, encounter one…….

Besides a professional (Glen owner) groomer there will be a recently fully stripped “showing” Glen and a recently scissored down “pet” one. What do these terms mean? What do they look like? It’s easy when you have been in the breed a while but if you are new or even just thinking about owning one it can be confusing. The EFG is happy to provide a living, breathing, demonstration dictionary-anything to help-so if you’d like advice just come along.

Oh yes, fancy some supper? On the Saturday night there is supper and it’s a Chinese. Some people bring their tents and campers and stay for the weekend whilst others prefer the more homely comforts of a B&B. There is room for more tents (or whatever) but Jean jean@e-f-g.co.uk does need to know. She also needs to know if you want supper; even if you aren’t staying over you are more than welcome to join everybody for supper

5 thoughts on “On the 11th there will be….

  1. Hi Nicki, oh good I might learn..alot! Look forward to pitching up Friday. Will contact Jean xx

  2. For some-one who cannot make the show but would love to see/learn how to manage my Glen’s coat as it should be done and not the hit and miss version I use-maybe a video could be produced at the show and sold with proceeds going to the “association”. Any offers?

    • Thanks for the offer, a very nice idea, but it isn’t a full scale grooming workshop as so much else is going on in the day. There are plans to possibly do a grooming/presentation/what’s a Glen coat day later on

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