It’s tomorrow!

The EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People) is tomorrow and it’s our 10th year. The ritual sacrifices have been made to the weather Gods and the rings and tents are now up. The signs will be going up and these include the “eye” for the BVA/KC eye testing session. If coming via the A17 and turning off onto the A52 before turning right onto the B1391 don’t panic if there aren’t any signs! There is an agricultural auction at the A17/A52 turn and they have previously taken the EFG signs down because they say it distracts people from their event.

Don’t forget your dog, your lead, lots of loose change and maybe the donation of a raffle prize (or two). Photographs will be on here next week!

3 thoughts on “It’s tomorrow!

  1. Don’t forget to have phone numbers for microchipping. This can be free for all dogs , not just Glens or one booked for eye testing.

  2. Looks like a lovely day for the Fun Day! Sorry to miss you all … I’m still sneezing and streaming, but no longer shivering and shaking!

    I was going to be bringing swabs for the DNA Archive … if anyone would like to contact me after the weekend for a swab kit, I’d love to her from you.

    More information about the DNA Archive can be found on the EFG Health website (click on my icon) …

    My contact details are:


    T: 01403 269038

    Please do support this important project … for the benefit of future research into Glen health. Thank you!

    Have a lovely day, everyone!

    Best wishes

    Alison, EFG Health Coordinator

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