Haven’t a clue……

Always there is something that raises an eyebrow so let’s share an email “Okay, you’re the font of all knowledge. Have a dig in the back of the sideboard, if you still have it, and see if there is a trophy list anywhere because didn’t there used to be one at……..”.

Actually that email did more than raise an eyebrow; it made two go up. It also caused a slight cringe that “the sideboard” was known and things were, when looked, still in there nearly 25 years after the first Secretary of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association said ten years was enough and it was time somebody else did it!

It also provided a trophy list from the 1980s but as to where things are now; maybe Anne, current Association secretary can help.

Crufts and National Terrier trophies are still known and are handed out each year. The Crufts trophy is normally given straight back!

There were 2 Tinkinswood Trophies, the Kirloe Donard Memorial Tankard, Farni Goblet, Shield and Inverary Tankard awarded at the Club Show.

The Salterswall Cup (Birmingham National)

Diademhill Shield

Pajantick Shield (awarded at Leeds)

Rhett Butler Shield

Salterswall Bowl (awarded at Welsh Kennel Club)

2 more “unnamed” shields

The Rose Trophy

Crookford Variety Shield

Eversley Patrick Spoon (services to the breed)

Such memories evoked by that list which had been absolutely forgotten. People don’t seem to do (or want) trophies anymore but does anybody know where they are?