It’s Monday again….

….and, as always, there is lots to catch up on in the Glen of Imaal Terrier world.

In Finland Pori International saw a Best of Breed for Gleann Ungus MacGuire with Marfidal Koitiva Vaara Best Opposite. At Dun Laoghaire (Ireland) Abberann Phelan was BOB with his sister Dervla Best Bitch.

In America Daulton’s Rosalee took the top spot at Beaver County KC and Cross Stone’s Get Me The Griffin was Best of Breed at Cheshire Kennel Club.  A great weekend for Caatskill’s All That Jazz with 3 Best of Breeds at Columbiana County HC, Fort Streuben Kennel Association and Mahoning Shenango KC.

Petra Engel-Beier also had an excellent weekend with the following wins for her “My Dear Fellow” kennel:- International show in Bremen…. One the first day Spirit of Ireland Angel (Veterans class males v1, best veteran), My dear Fellow Ashton de Coco (Champion class dogs v1), My dear Fellow Bealtaine de Coco (Youth class bitches v1, best young bitch), My dear Fellow Anuschka de Coco (Open class bitches v1 and Best of Breed). On the 2nd day Spirit of Ireland Angel (Veterans class males 1. Place, Veterans CAC) My dear Fellow Bealtaine de Coco (Youth class bitches V1, Youth CAC), My dear Fellow Anuschka de Coco (Open class bitchesV1, CAC and BOB again)
In addition, we have for the first time from the kennel “My Dear Fellow” a Irish Glen of imaal terrier breeding group. That was for us a new experience and gave us a giant fun.

Finally the mighty Oliver is earning even more honours! “An amazing day was had by Oliver at the Performance Scent Dogs trial in Auburn, New Hampshire on Saturday. He placed 2nd in the Novice Distance class, 1st in Advanced Containers & Advanced Distance, and TITLED in the Novice Exterior & Novice Distance classes by earning his 3rd leg in each! I am so proud of Oliver and his nose!” So say all of us Monique.

Very well done everybody.