Ollie does it but what about here?

A few weeks ago, just after everybody read about the magnificent Oliver and his nose, the question came in about nosework in Europe. Hadn’t any real clue if any Glen of Imaal Terrier’s did it here…and that was the reply given….. but now there is something different to say.

Woody (and Cresta because somebody has to hold the lead) have taken up a new challenge and it is nosework! This is them at the recent Cesky Terrier tracking day, the pair of them are feeling quite inspired and most certainly will be continuing. Anybody else doing it?

7 thoughts on “Ollie does it but what about here?

  1. Haven’t yet, but Mutley probably would. He tracks on walks in the countryside and is also a very good vermin catcher. The cat brings in the mice and the hound despatches them! 😉

  2. Kudos to Woody & Cresta for trying out and enjoying canine scent games; working with your dog is so rewarding! Nosework and Tracking were mentioned and these sports both involve dogs using their noses but have different goals. Typically, Tracking involves a dog FOLLOWING scent (human or game) while Nosework involves LOCATING a specific scented item that is hidden. Tracking is search & rescue based while Nosework is scent (i.e. explosive or drug) detection. Both sports sometimes use food to train the dog to follow or locate scent, but there are other methods also.

    The scents used in the Nosework organizations I am involved with are birch, anise, and clove but other groups use different scents. The scented oil is placed on a cotton swab and hidden in different areas inside a building or outdoors, sometimes in objects such as containers or on vehicles.

    Recently I heard that Finland is close to recognizing Nosework and there are some Glens that are participating:

    I hope more Glens and their owners try out Nosework. Here are some videos of Oliver in action if anyone is interested:

  3. The EFG blog does a wonderful job highlighting all the events Glens title in and I’m glad scent sports are in the spotlight! I saw a reference to tracking in the U.K. the other day. The Bavarian Mountain Hound Society of GB has ‘Schweisshund Training’ where dogs are trained to track large wounded game such as deer or wild boar, the goal being to preserve and encourage a hound’s natural abilities. They have four training venues in the U.K. and also hold tracking tests. It sounds like the tests will be open to all K.C. registered dogs. Hope some Glen owners check it out.

  4. My old bitch Dawn would hunt and scent on water like an otterhound for mink she was a game bitch.

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