August moves on…..

Glen of Imaal Terriers (and their owners) never stop. Two group shows in Finland, Isokyrö and Raiso, saw the top honours go to Gleann Curvy Corvette and Taramont Niamh Tirnan ‘Og respectively. In America Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton was BOB and Owner Handler Gp2 at St Clairsville (Ohio) and then the next day took a Group 3. Abberann Torcan took two Best of Breeds and a Group 2 at Muncie, Indiana. So some very nicely placed American Glens!

It’s the start of “The Circuit” in Ireland and it kicked off with the All Terrier. Abberann Phelan was Best of Breed and Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty Best Bitch. Next along was Clonmel with Phelan once again BOB but Best Bitch went to sister Dervla

Congratulations all!!

Abberann Torcan

3 thoughts on “August moves on…..

  1. I’m amazed at the difference in the looks (interpretation of similar Standards) of the Glens overseas compared to the USA. I am a critic of the American groomed coat believing that the “rough and ready” coat has been lost in the translation. Now I see in the picture of a coat that appears to be “rough and ready” on a Glen with no legs. What’s going on?

  2. Its got legs Havent you ever seen pictures of Tinahely Lad? Jim Cullimore had a great working dog with short legs. I have had 3 short ones who could and can do the job Marty, Do a bit of homework on it Glens legs they vary and always have and no bad thing!

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