From the Kennel Club

“Contribute to a research project run by an intern at the University of Nottingham Veterinary School, which aims to develop a scoring system for the clinical signs of nausea in their dogs and to identify the efficacy of maropitant (Cerenia®) tablets in reducing the incidence of vomiting and/or nausea in their dogs, based on owner assessment. Owners of dogs any breed or age, with or without prior use of Cerenia® medication for motion sickness, are invited to participate in this study. To contribute or for more information, please contact Louise Barnett at”

Big bang time approaches

In the UK it’s Halloween and then Bonfire Night and that means a lot of fireworks. Many Glen of Imaal Terriers adore fireworks, they know them as an excuse for sausages, but there must be some that don’t and there are many reports of some dogs being totally terrified. It would be interesting to go into reasons for such different reactions (maybe later) but today it’s suggestion for what to do IF you have a dog or cat that is “anti-bang”.

This is sometimes prescribed by vets if you have an animal that gets upset. This one is available over the counter and has the same active ingredients with the same directions; start giving a few days before the fireworks start. Can anybody back up from personal experience what we’ve been told?

If you’re thinking of entering Crufts 2016

This came from the Kennel Club regarding next year’s Crufts:

We want your day with your dog to be as special and stress free as possible and so we’re giving an extra pass to those exhibitors who exhibit a single dog which is in single ownership. We hope this will enable more exhibitors to enjoy their Crufts experience with a friend or family member. For those who bring more than one dog or have ownership in joint names, additional passes are already provided.

It’s only a little thing but very useful!

It has to be the lead in….

Glen of Imaal Terrier people can be so proud that the lead to the “round up” this week just has to be Working News as we have certainly been out and about in that sphere with a vengeance. First Ollie NACSW Nose Work 3 Exterior (NW3-E) Element title on Monday October 19th in Martinsville, New Jersey and with the cooler weather, he was very energetic and eager to find the hidden birch, anise, and clove scents. Then Griffin with NW2 in Griffin. A near miss for Winston with 3 out of 4 elements in NW2 but he was 2nd fastest in vehicle search whilst Tula got 3 out of 4 in NW3. It doesn’t finish there as Niamh earned her PCD Obedience title. That’s Pre Novice, which will be renamed Preferred Novice come Dec 1. Same exercises as for the CD title except the Stay is not with other dogs (how sensible of the AKC.)

Glens have been showing as well with a Group 1 for Abberann Torcan in Valparaiso, a Group 4 for Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton and a Group 2 OH Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette in Washington. Even the babies are at it with a Puppy Group 3 for Gleann Elite Ellie in Finland. At other shows My Dear Fellow Brunhilde de Coco was BOB at Hanover, Gleann Una Noonan took the BOB at Seinajoku International with Gleann Cotton Cody Best Opposite and at Midland Counties Romainville Billy Whizz was BOB with Gleann Maggie May Best Bitch and Boudivella Oscar Best Puppy.

The Autumn Discover Dogs took place at ExCell & Lynn Fraser writes ”

On Saturday there were the following: Sally and Alan Barnaby with Murphy and Whizzer ( an honorary glen)

Sean Percy with Leia accompanied by their friend Lesley

Geraldine and Alan Cook (who sadly lost their Glen earlier in the year) who brought everything down and set up the stand

Gordon and Me with Dylan and Misty and on Sunday Gordon, Misty, Dylan and I were joined by

 Kate and Duncan Emms with Daisy and her pup Fergus (6 months)

Beth and Ian Rogers with Basil

Nicki and Richard Montford (without hound, but who were a great help)

Just have to applaud all that news!


Leeds critique


PD: 1) Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty. 9 month old super youngster, good head piece, nicely constructed skull, good foreface & muzzle with a defined stop, quite impressive, strength in neck, good front & shoulders, well laid back, good body with well sprung ribs, lovely well muscled quarters with well let down hocks, moved with drive & effortlessly. Gave me pleasure to award him Best Puppy and Reserve CC. 2) Boudivella Oscar. Younger than first & still a baby, hence smaller in stature, very nice outline in profile & covered the ground with ease, pleasing head, good neck & shoulder, nicely bodied.

PGD: 1) Golden Spurs. Just out of junior, good head, eye & ears, very well bodied, good bite muzzle & ears, not very happy on the move.

LD: 1) Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns. 4 years of age, pleasing head, eye & bite, medium neck, well laid shoulders, well constructed body, good ribs, moved reasonably well. 2) Romainville Fast N Furious at Wickholm. Lighter in bone than first, good in head, good eye, strength in muzzle & neck, well constructed body, well muscled quarters, moved well over difficult ground. 3) Romainville Jazzman.

OD: 1) Ch Romainville Billy Whizz. Masculine head, strong muzzle, dark eye, good bite, good ratio rib/loin, well made quarters, moved with drive. 2) Bregorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty. Good headed male, smaller in size than first, good legs, pleasing head & muzzle, good eye, well made body, was not enjoying his outing.

VD:1) Donvaleset Rebus. 9 years of age, came into the ring with such confidence, masculine strong muzzle, kind eye, pleasing topline, muscled neck into well laid shoulders, good rib & loin, well made quarters, moved with animation, very happy to award him CC & BOB. I understand this makes him up, congratulations.

PB:1) Amhard Jessie Jay. 11 months of age, feminine young lady with melting expression, dark eye, pleasing body, moved steadily.

LB:1) Romainville Uptown Girl. Good head, eyes & ears, good neck leading into well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs & short loin, well made quarters, moved well the second time. Res CC 2) Romainville Fade To Grey. Feminine head, good eye, nicely made body & front, good quarters, not very happy with the ground.

OB:1) Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. 7 years of age, good skull, good muzzle & pleasing stop, neat ears, medium neck into well placed shoulder, well sprung rib & a good loin, good bite, well made quarters with well let down hocks, moved well both fore & aft, a nice feminine lady. I understand her first CC, well done. 2) Romainville Rock On Ruby

Muriel Bailey (Judge)


3/4 Leader…..all breed ranking!

We featured the 3/4 Leaders a few days ago and asked if anybody else would care to send? The intention had been to put names onto that posting but this needs its own; a Glen of Imaal Terrier breeder making all breed rankings! The Abberann team is currently running 3rd in the Terrier Group in Ireland but is also equal 10th ALL BREED. Nice one indeed!!!!!

The EFG 2016 Calendar is at the printers!!

Well the EFG calendar finally had OVER 200 submissions from Glen of Imaal Terrier people around the world. Obviously from that number there had to be a first shortlist and then a second one. The Editorial Panel has mused and the final 12 (plus cover) are selected. The ones that didn’t quite make it to a month are featured in a montage on the front cover. Also in the montage will be the best camera phone shots that just weren’t big enough for individual stardom.

It will be available from the first week of November (let’s think Christmas presents) and the cost will be £5.00 plus postage. Jean Rogers ( is taking reservations.