Doing anything between Christmas & New Year?

From the Ben Reynolds-Frost (Luton Secretary): Every Vulnerable Breed has classes at our Premier Open Show on 29/30 December at Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester, Nr Huntingdon. Internet entries close Thursday 26th November at midnight. If you want classes for next year then you need to enter this year. The following breeds have no entries: BLOODHOUNDS, OTTERHOUNDS, SMOOTH FOX TERRIERS, GLEN OF IMAAL, LAKELAND TERRIER, MANCHESTER TERR, NORWICH TERR, SEALYHAM TERR, IR WATER SPL, LAN HEELER, CARD CORGI and MASTIFFS. Plus the following breeds only have one entry: E.T.T.,DANDIE DINMONT, KERRY BLUES and FIELD SPANIELS. Don’t lose your classes in this area as when they are gone, they will be gone.