From the Kennel Club


The Kennel Club General Committee recently reviewed Regulation F(1)9.b. regarding the closing date of entries, and has made the following amendment which will come into effect on 1st January 2016. Consequently shows are now permitted to close entries up until seven days before the show opens.

Regulation F(1)9.b

‘Entries for a Show must close at the time indicated in the Schedule and at the latest on the (edited to remove ‘fourteenth’) seventh day before the show opens.’

(Deletion struck through, addition in bold)

When reviewing the regulation, the General Committee noted that the wording had not been updated for a number of years and agreed that, with advancements in technology and the addition of online entries, in some instances it would now be possible for show societies to process entries within a shorter time frame to that which had previously been permitted.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “Whilst it is recognised that not all show societies and their associated printers will be able to offer a later closing date, the General Committee felt it was important that the facility was made available to those who could operate on a later deadline and who believe it may be of benefit to their show.

“It is hoped that the amendment to the regulation will particularly assist smaller shows to attract a greater entry, by allowing exhibitors to enter at a later stage and encouraging entries to the show that societies may not have otherwise received.”

Show societies are advised that the Kennel Club specimen schedules have been updated to reflect the amended regulation, and that they should liaise with the printing companies in order to reach a mutual agreement as to an appropriate closing date.

For those shows taking place in 2016, for which a schedule has already been published, please be advised that whilst the published postal closing date of entries must continue to be adhered to, societies may request to extend their online entries up until the seventh day before the show opens. Request should be emailed to