Crufts (postal) closing on Monday

Postal entries for Crufts 2016 close on January 4th (next Monday). If you haven’t got a schedule yet it can be downloaded but be warned that it is a biggie. If you are coming from abroad and need an Authority To Compete (ATC) for your Glen of Imaal Terrier, or any other breed, that can now be done online.

LKA critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers L.K.A

I would firstly like to say a big thank you to all exhibitors for your support. I was pleased with the amount of dogs entered.

As expected this time of year coats were not going to be at their best. But some of the dogs could have been a little tidier. I was surprised and pleased to see that mouths do not seem to be such an issue any more; all the dogs had good dentition and correct bite.

Still a variation in sizes, I think this can get confusing for observers looking at our breed. Breeders need to remember the primary function of a Glen of Imaal terrier and try and keep to the standard.

Other than that I very much enjoyed Judging and seeing old friends.


Minor Puppy Dog

1st GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Becks Blue. Nice size brindle puppy which was well presented. Mouth was correct, nice front movement. Has potential

2nd SMITH & SIMON’S Romainville Bilbo Baggins. Much larger Wheaten Puppy, Good mouth and bone. Moved ok hopefully will mature into a nice dog.

Puppy Dog

1st HANNINGTON’S Boudivella Oscar. This was my best puppy, wheaten dog nice movement very strong head with good bone. Good future I feel for this puppy

2nd GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Becks Blue

3rd SMITH & SIMON’S Romainville Bilbo Baggins

Junior Dog

1st ROGERS’ Kingcottage Boogie on Basil. Nice colour wheaten dog, strong head with a correct bite, well-muscled, a bit narrow chested and only moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog

1st DAVIS’ Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns. Blue dog with nice coat. I liked this dog he was a nice size with a tremendous Head. He was shown well, back movement quite close.

2nd O’HANLON & MONTFORD’S Pajantic Jimmy Mack. Large wheaten dog with a very strong head and a good colour coat, very strong boned didn’t move for me on the day.

Open Dog

1st GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Billy Whizz. Another large wheaten dog very strong powerful head and jaw. Nice shape well-muscled and deep chested. Cracking movement at the rear, just a bit on the large side for me unfortunately. RBD

Veteran Dog

1st WELCH’S Ch & Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. What can I say about this dog that I haven’t already said before; a credit to his owner and the breed.He was the best presented dog on the day and showed well for a veteran and moved well for his age BD RBOB

2nd HADLEY’S Ch Donvaleset Rebus. Nice blue but out of coat as so many other dogs today. Strong dog low to the ground, good head and nicely balanced. Moved ok for an older gentlemen.

3rd BROWN’S Jeonty Dinky DoughnutWheaten dog nice little chap, a bit short in the body but moved ok and well handled.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st ROGERS’ Jeonty Minnie Meme. Stunning wheaten puppy, great shape, very pretty bitch moved great especially from behind. Nice top line. Promising future.

2nd GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Razzamatazz. Very pretty brindle puppy, nice dark colouring adorable expression and nice dark eye moved well. Will swop places with 1st place I am sure over the next few years.

Puppy Bitch

1st GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Razzamatazz

Open Bitch

1st ROGERS’ Jeonty Meme Fern. Nice wheaten bitch, great top line and very nice head. Looked the part and look very good on the move. Very nice head and expression BB & BOB

2nd GEORGE & GARNHAM’S Romainville Fade to Grey. Unfortunately this lady was sick before getting on the table and looked a bit shaken afterwards. Nice dark brindle good depth of rib and a powerful front. Unfortunately lack some muscle at the back. Moved ok considering being upset.

Veteran Bitch

1st HADLEY’S Donvaleset Domino. Good strong blue bitch, good head and expression, strong bone nice top line. BV

James Sage (Judge)

Happy Christmas!

This lovely photograph, taken by Mark Brown, sees Griff & Winston in full Christmas garb to wish all Glen of Imaal Terriers, their owners, admirers, friends and family the compliments of the season.

Have an excellent day tomorrow everybody and we’ll resume on Tuesday with a round up of the year so if you have been lucky enough to get Top Glen in your country do send the information along!

Soon it’ll all begin

We do this every other year but all the time there are new Glen of Imaal Terrier (and dog) owners who may not be that aware of what exactly is-and isn’t-good for them over the big festive eat in and celebrations. It quite a long list but do take a look. Not on there but around a lot this time of year is xylitol, also on ingredients list as E967. It’s a sweetener often in cakes and sweets and peanut butter.

This was released yesterday….

….so may be missed in the Christmas rush


Tougher dog breeding licensing to protect the welfare of puppies from back street breeders will be introduced under proposals announced today.

A consultation is seeking to strengthen the regulations around dog breeding and pet sales to make it easier to identify and take action against irresponsible breeders who pay little regard to the health and welfare of the puppies they raise. This is a particular problem amongst smaller breeding establishments – known as ‘backstreet breeders’ – which supply thousands of dogs to UK families each year.

Animal Welfare Minister George Eustice said:

“We are a nation of dog lovers but it is crucial that puppies are cared for properly and socialised in the first three months if they are to enjoy healthy and happy lives.

“We are aiming to reform the licensing regime we have so that smaller puppy breeding establishments must abide by the same regulations and licensing rules as bigger breeders so that the worst offenders can be dealt with more quickly.

“We are also reviewing other animal related licensed activities such as pet sales to address problems associated with the growing trend for internet sales that can contribute to impulse buying.”

The consultation will tighten up the licensing regulations for breeders by clarifying existing rules requiring any breeding businesses to have a licence. The proposals will also increase the number of smaller backstreet breeders – who may not consider themselves a business – that will require a licence by making it a requirement for anyone producing three or more litters of puppies in a year.

The consultation also seeks to formalise the adoption of existing model conditions on good breeding health and welfare by making it a requirement of breeders to comply with the conditions and for local authorities to use them.

Claire Horton, CEO of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and non-executive Director of AHWBE, said:

“Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has long recognised the cruel problem of backstreet breeding in Britain. The Government’s proposals are extremely encouraging, having listened to the important calls we have made in our nationwide campaign to end this unacceptable practice.

“Reducing the number of litters a breeder can produce in a year, without a licence, will ensure that more breeders will be brought under the scope of regulation, which we believe will protect the lives and welfare of more of the vulnerable dogs who really need it. It will also provide greater protection for buyers – those looking to take on a dog deserve to be confident that their puppy has been given the best start in life, and bred by a responsible, properly-regulated breeder.”

Local authorities will also be able to better target their enforcement activity by directing less resource at responsible businesses, for example those who are controlled by the Kennel Club’s UKAS-accredited Assured Breeders’ Scheme – which has 6,000 members. This will free up resources to follow-up on reports of poor welfare at backstreet breeding establishments.

For the first time, the consultation will also clarify that online retailers selling puppies should be treated in the same way as high street pet shops by local authorities – meaning they must abide by the same licensing and welfare regulations.

Through the Pet Advisory Action Group (PAAG) – Defra and welfare charities have worked with six major online advertising sites to remove over 130,000 inappropriate adverts of pets where there were concerns about the welfare and background of the animal.

PAAG is now looking at broadening this successful approach to other sites, and to educate prospective buyers to what they should be looking out for if they are looking for a pet online, such as if can they visit and see the dog with its mother before they buy and check that the seller is a properly licensed breeder.


Summary of EFG Committee Meeting LKA 2015

A committee meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & fanciers Club (EFG) was held at LKA on the 13th December.  A number of things were discussed.

The Calendar project was agreed to be a success with all 175 copies being sold. The Committee asked for a formal letter of thanks to go to DDP the printers for their excellent work and prompt turn around.

Some of the dog show diaries with our commemorative logo are still available and will be promoted as Christmas gifts .

An offer of sponsorship for the celebratory cake at Crufts, to celebrate 20 years of the EFG, was gratefully received.

Quotes will be obtained for the printing of a new green book (introduction to the Glen) and new badges.

A Grooming Day is still being planned and ideas were discussed for a new EFG website in 2016

A number of EFG members and others provided the Glens for the KC’s JDP on the breed. The presentation was well received by the participants and the KC JDP panel. A formal vote of thanks to all those involved was recorded

Judges were confirmed for the open shows as Roger Cruden 2016,Karen Forbes 2017, and Frank Kane 2018. A Glen Specialist is therefore needed for 2019.

It was agreed to try and arrange the AGM around the 19th/20th March and, as previously decided, as it was held “north” in 15 it will be “south” in 16.

There was also discussions re: the AGM proposal and the KC. One other matter bought up in AOB was referred for the AGM

Have you got it yet?

There are a few 2016 EFG Diaries left. They’ll make a great present for any older relative that likes to keep in touch. Think about it, all they will need to do is have a look in the diary and they’ll know if you are at home or not; a 2 in 1 idea. Why not go totally retro and use one yourself! Jean ( can post out very quickly.diary