What if?

It’s the first week of December so, for many, it’s the beginning of Winter. Shall we play a game? It’s quite easy to learn and it’s called What If? There are a few questions below, do see if you can answer them.

What’ll happen if you’re away at a show and the weather turns bad?

What’ll happen to the dogs if you’re ill in the coming weeks?

What’ll happen if your car breaks down?

What’ll happen if there are power cuts?

What’ll happen if it’s a bad winter and food deliveries don’t happen?

A lot more questions could be written but you get the drift. This time of year everybody, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people, need an emergency plan for the winter. Of course we all hope it’s a “just in case scenario” but do you have instructions for the dogs written down in a readable and easy to find way if the worst does happen? Do your neighbours know where you are if there is a sudden winter storm? Do you have somebody to get to the dogs if you are out? Where are the torches?

Make the list.