LKA-check where we are!

Ladies Kennel Association Show is this weekend. Glen of Imaal Terriers are being scheduled for the first time but there is something else to be aware of: the show is in Halls 6,17,18,19 & 20 NOT where it usually is so DO NOT head for the West Car Park!

2 thoughts on “LKA-check where we are!

  1. The Dog Exhibitors passes state Car Park N2. or otherwise you will be directed to N3 N4.
    By the looks of the site map. N2 is quite near Hall 17 we are in ring 4.
    Mind you me and the NEC I just might be travelling around in circles.

  2. The show has been held in these halls for several years now. It will be well signposted – and the walk into the show is now much shorter than i used to be.

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