Just have to do these two

Lots of news and photographs of Glen of Imaal Terriers are received at Christmas but the “shout out” has to be for a very special two. Oliver at 16 and Seamus a few months short of an incredible 18. Both boys had a very nice time thank you.

Oliver at 16

Oliver at 16

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  1. Seamus AKA Glentyrs Something Wicked, lives in CA with Lora Clark. He is sire to my Brenna who is 13. Hope she does as well as her dad! Congrats to the Old Kids!

  2. Seamus is one of those popular names for Glens (like Murphy, Quinn, Finn, Molly, Riley, etc) that bring to mind not one, but many different Glens. How wonderful to have one that reaches 16 let alone 18 years. On the Glen Footprints database, it shows his birthday as 11 April 1998 which would make him “only” 17 until his next birthday on April 2016, unless there is an error in the database? Either 17 or 18 is a wonderful age. Oliver’s birthday is listed as 17 November 1999. My own Tipper who is 14 has a birthday coming up on January 6. He was born on January 6, 2001.

    • I don’t know for certain Jo, I understood him to be 17 currently, but could very well have the date wrong. Lora will have to confirm. But remarkable to have healthy dogs in their teens!

  3. I misread the blog post to say he was already 18 and it very clearly says he is “a few months short of an incredible 18”. Hope we are all wishing him a very 18th Happy Birthday in the spring!

  4. Seamus gives us hope that our Meara,also affected by PRA,can live a long life completely spoiled by Maggie.

  5. Seamus is 17 years old. On January 11, he will add 9 months to that age. Unfortunately, he is not in great shape like the fabulous Ollie at 16. He is very thin and is totally blind and nearly deaf. He loves to eat and lie on the brick porch in the sunshine when it’s warm enough and then come in to the bed his vet got for him and have one of us cover him with a warm towel right out of the dryer. We don’t expect him to last until 18 actually, but he has been and still is a real Glen to the end, on occasion demanding a walk of a block or two. I hope Ollie will register another 2 years and can add 18 and more to his list of amazing accomplishments.

  6. Lora, unfortunately Oliver is not in the best shape either. He has chronic kidney disease and was hospitalized a few weeks ago to receive IV fluids and antibiotics for possible pyelonephritis and dehydration. His liver values are now rising and he has nodules on multiple organs. He wasn’t eating well earlier this month, but his appetite has recently perked up again and he still loves to go on car rides with us. Just trying to keep him feeling as good as possible and HAPPY.
    Hugs to Seamus!

  7. Oh, Monique, no. I’m so sorry. He looks so good and just got another “first” didn’t he? This makes me so sad. All of our “first” old guys are pretty much gone and I have pictures of shows where we were all together with all of them. We really should have a list of “greats” like Ollie and Dermot, etc. who showed us all just what these guys were capable of achieving. Give Ollie a big hug from us too.

  8. Both Seans dogs and mine were kennels dogs and then 4 weeks before death they lost body condition and went down will, Seans dog was still work active well into his teens!

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