As Crufts was mentioned yesterday……

It’s a good time to remind people that Crufts entries close on January 4th (postal) or January 18th (online). Schedules can be downloaded and to exhibit at the show you must dog must have a Kennel Club registration number or an Authority To Compete (ATC) number.

The judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers over the next few years at Crufts are:-

2016 Bill Brown-Cole

2017 Alan Small

2018 Francis Kaye

2019 Jeff Horswell

None are Glen Specialists so it’ll be interesting to see what they do!

What a collection!!!

Finnish Winners, Helsinki Winners, Nordic Winners, Holland Cup, Eukanuba Cluster and LKA; what a collection of Glen of Imaal Terriers!!

The Helsinki & Finnish Winners are held together and also have a Puppy Show included. The Helsinki Winners saw Gleann Bigwig BOB with Gleann Una Noonan Best Opposite whilst the Finnish saw Una Noonan Best of Breed with Gleann Cotton Candy taking Best Dog. At the Puppy Show Pearytail Candy McCoy get the nod with Pearytail Clumsy Clint bowing the paw to his sister and then the Pearytail Kennel also took a fabulous BIS3 Breeder Group! At the Nordic Winners the currently all conquering Una Noonan was Best of Breed with Gleann Bumpkin taking Best Opposite Sex.

The Eukanuba Cluster in Florida had nearly a week of shows. Space Coast KC of Palm Bay (love the name) Had Daulton’s Princess C Hatteras BOB with Finnabair Caatskill’s Thunderstruck at Shorlyne Best Dog. Central Florida Kennel Club was a win for Finnabair Double D friend of a friend and Kilkenny’s Granite Glen Rooney Best Bitch. Brevard KC had Finnabair Ardmore Ned at the top of the pile Glen Rooney again Best Opposite. As there are so many Pro-Handlers in the States Eukanuba has a National Owner Handler Series. Finnabair Song O’My Heart took the Big Rosette home with Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone standing at the top in the dogs. At the Eukanuba show itself Daulton’s Wild Night of Galore was Best of Breed and, the very confusing named if UK based, Kilkenny’s Granite Glen Rooney Best Opposite (also Best Bred By) with two Selects being given to Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone & Finnabair Song O’My Heart. There was also a Chicago Cluster and Abberann Torcan, sire of the Eukanuba BOB, did Glens proud with a Group 2 and 2 x Group 3. 4 month old Abberann Stars & Stripes Ruari made a great start in her show career with Group 1 win for Beginner Puppy. Jeonty Sunny Sky Baby was BOB at Shoreline Dog Fanciers. A result that had somehow disappeared into the ether, and has now reappeared, is from Ozarks Kennel Club. Castle Valley China Girl of Glenbride was BOB, with Coleraines Coldplay Best Opposite, on Day One. Day Two saw Coldplay take BOB with Best Bitch being awarded to Coleraine’s Ginger Snap.

As a small aside Eukanuba is a Crufts qualifier so that means three of the five qualified from the US throughout the year could come over as they are undocked. Torcan did it most successfully last year so will Bill Browne-Cole be seeing some American cousins?

The Holland Cup was a triumph for Abberann Phelan and, rather than a photograph, he can be seen around 1 minute 58 seconds on here and at the Amsterdam Winners he triumphed once again.

LKA is the last All Breed Championship Show of the Year in the UK. Best of Breed was awarded to Jeonty MeMe Fern with Best Dog going to Brockland Brayhead Lad, the two Reserves were Donvaleset Domino, who was also Best Veteran, and Romainville Billy Whizz respectively. Best Puppy went to Boudivella Oscar.


Midland Counties critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PD (1) 1 Hannington’s Boudivella Oscar, wheaten with a nice dark eye, typical front shoulders, well laid back, correct topline, good bend of stifle. BP.

JD (1)1 Dunning’s Romainville Freddies Choice, pleasing head & expression, good neck, shoulders, topline & tailset, nice spring of rib, moved & showed OK.

PGD (1)1 George’s Romainville Jazz Man, good head, dark eye, nice reach of neck, shoulders well laid back, nice depth of brisket, strong quarters, moved & showed well. RBD.

OD (2,1a)1 George’s Ch Romainville Billy Wizz, excellent type with good overall balance, has a lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, has a correct topline & tailset, strong loin & quarters, harsh coat, moved both free & easy. BD & BOB.

PB (0).

JB (1)1 George’s Romainville Maggie May, wheaten, has a pleasing head with a strong muzzle, typical front, shoulders well laid, good spring of rib, topline rising to the loin. BB.

PGB (1) A.

OB (3,1)1 George & Garnham’s Romainville Fade To Grey, well proportioned head, nice reach of neck, well sprung, deep chest, good topline rising to a strong loin, muscular quarters, harsh coat, well balanced throughout, moved OK. RBB;

2 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, good head, eye & well placed ears, nice front, well placed shoulders ribbed well back, strong quarters, good bend of stifle.


What if?

It’s the first week of December so, for many, it’s the beginning of Winter. Shall we play a game? It’s quite easy to learn and it’s called What If? There are a few questions below, do see if you can answer them.

What’ll happen if you’re away at a show and the weather turns bad?

What’ll happen to the dogs if you’re ill in the coming weeks?

What’ll happen if your car breaks down?

What’ll happen if there are power cuts?

What’ll happen if it’s a bad winter and food deliveries don’t happen?

A lot more questions could be written but you get the drift. This time of year everybody, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people, need an emergency plan for the winter. Of course we all hope it’s a “just in case scenario” but do you have instructions for the dogs written down in a readable and easy to find way if the worst does happen? Do your neighbours know where you are if there is a sudden winter storm? Do you have somebody to get to the dogs if you are out? Where are the torches?

Make the list.


Are you ready for April 2016 asks the KC?

Cost Effective Road to Compulsory Microchipping And Life Long Security for Kennel Club Registered Dogs

 Free microchip record changes for Kennel Club registered puppies

You may have heard that compulsory microchipping for all dogs will come into force on 6th April 2016 in England and Wales.  So, from April 2016, the Kennel Club and Petlog will be introducing free microchip record changes for Kennel Club registered puppies.

Once the owner changes the Kennel Club registered ownership, they will be given the opportunity to complete the requirement to transfer keepership on the Petlog database free of charge (usually £16) – this will also include an upgrade to the Petlog Premium reunification services for the life of their new puppy.

In order to receive free microchip record changes for your Kennel Club registered puppies, make sure to choose a microchip that is associated with Petlog.  There are 12 microchip suppliers to choose from and you can search for your local implanter at  Not all microchips are associated with Petlog and the Kennel Club, it’s important to choose the right microchip supplier

Who is Petlog?

Petlog, managed by the Kennel Club, is the UK’s largest reunification database for microchipped pets

Government compliant microchip database with ISO 9001 and 27001 certification

Member of the European Pet Network – providing support across Europe

Over 20 years’ experience of providing 24/7 lost and found services 365 days a year

More than 9 million pet owners trust Petlog to look after their pets

What does the law say?

All dog owners in England and Wales have until 6 April 2016 to microchip their dog and register them with a government compliant microchip database.

From 6 April 2016:

All puppies in England and Wales must be microchipped by the time they are 8 weeks old

The breeder must always be the first recorded keeper of the puppies

It will be illegal for breeders to sell a puppy that is not microchipped and recorded on a government compliant microchip database, such as Petlog

The breeder must provide microchipping documents to the puppy buyer to ensure the new owner can update their details in order to comply with the law. Breeders must ensure that the microchip paperwork matches the puppy being sold to the new owner

It is worth noting that the microchipping regulations do not affect the requirement for collars and tags as part of the Control of Dogs Order 1992.

More information on compulsory microchipping and the free microchip record changes for Kennel Club registered puppies can be found here

Download a simple graphic here (PDF) showing the journey the breeder will need to go through from 6th April 2016.