It’s Monday so it’s an appreciation

Seamus at 3 monthsMany Mondays throughout the year are an appreciation of Glen of Imaal Terriers in various events and today was going to start the year off the same but that’s going to be Tuesday this week. Today it’s an appreciation of a long, long life. Less than a week ago one hundred and ninety nine of us shared the news of Seamus and Ollie and their fabulous ages. On January 2nd though Seamus (GlenTyrs Something Wicked) at 17 years, 8 months, and 22 days old, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 2:25 p.m.

It’s always difficult when a dog goes to join The Family but to have a gap in your house after such a long time must be unbelievably heart-breaking. Seamus, your age and wisdom did all Glendom proud.



5 thoughts on “It’s Monday so it’s an appreciation

  1. How sad, never easy loosing them at any age, we love them so much. What a fabulous achievement though amazing age and a super dog. Good Bye Seamus xxx

  2. It’s never easy no matter what age, but Seamus has some great stories to carry his legacy on. Thank you for my quirky little girl Brenna and all the grand-pups and great grand-pups that have come after.

  3. Never easy to lose them, at any age. We haven’t for a while but still feel the pain. We have a no of old timers still here so going to feel the pain again.

  4. Thanks to everyone for their kind condolences. Seamus was a rare kind of Glen with serious “dead game” spirit (can’t spell the Irish award for this, but would have liked to try him there”. He had many admirers for his total lack of fear. We shall really miss him.
    Mike and Lora Clark

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