Some were still out and about!

Three events to record over the Christmas/New Year period for Glen of Imaal Terriers and their owners. At Dublin Dog Show Abberann Phelan was Best of Breed with Daulton Midnight Sky of Galore taking the Bitch Green Star. At Luton Canine Association Boudivella Oscar took his first Group Placement with Best of Breed and Puppy Group 3.

And Monique sends the following:- On Saturday in New Hampshire, Oliver earned his 3rd qualifying score and resulting title in the Novice Speed class at a Performance Scent Dogs’ Nosework trial.  By doing so, he completed the requirement of earning titles in all five Novice classes (Buildings, Containers, Distance, Exterior, Speed) to become the FIRST dog of any breed to earn an overall NOVICE LEVEL TITLE! Accomplishing this involved lots of practice and traveling hours to trials over the last 8 months, but he and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. He also qualified for the 3rd time in Advanced Containers and earned that class title.  I am so proud that a 16 year old Glen of Imaal Terrier was the first to achieve this milestone and that he continually demonstrates that age is only a number!

Oliver-PSD Novice title

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