Now is the time to wave goodbye.

It’s already mid January, where has the time gone!

We’ve waved the Crufts entry off, Westminster is posted, Top Dogs announced, AGM notification published. So after an incredible year in 2015, over fifty three and a half thousand visits to here, we’re going for the annual lie down for a while. In case you forget the AGM notification is on the website as is the schedule for the Open Show 2016. It’s on Sunday April 17th and if you want to be ahead of the game entries are now open. As they don’t close until April 4th we haven’t bombarded folk yet as we’ve had reports that they get put away for Christmas and New Year and then forgotten about but they will be around, with reminders every few hours seemingly, from the end of February.

We’ll get back together on Monday February 22nd for (hopefully) some fabulous Westminster photographs and news for Crufts. Do send any wins/events/news you have whilst the loins are being regirded. We still want to know because how else can Glen of Imaal Terrier people be kept up to date? This only exists because of you.

Remember if you are entering National Terrier and prefer postal entries that they close on February 19th