2014 Kennel Club Health Survey results

In 2014 the Kennel Club/BSAVA did a Purebred Dog Health Survey. The findings for all the breeds are now available, obviously this includes the Glen of Imaal Terrier. The 2004 survey can also be found for Glen of Imaal Terriers

1 thought on “2014 Kennel Club Health Survey results

  1. The link provided is to the Kennel Club’s 2004 health survey.

    Here is the link to the KC’s 2014 survey:

    Click to access glen_of_imaal_terrier.pdf

    The 2014 report is not quite as detailed and, unlike the 2004 survey, there are no numbers of affected Glens for the conditions listed under:

    Table 5: The most commonly reported disease conditions in descending order for the breed
    (N = 33 live dogs)

    From the dogs surveyed, most Glen Of Imaal Terriers were not affected by a disease condition
    (54.55%). The most commonly reported disease condition in live dogs was hypersensitivity (allergic) skin disorder. All reported cause of death represented an equal proportion of the reported deaths.

    Skin problems and allergies were the most commonly reported problems in the wordlwide health survey, which I hope to complete soon.

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