Where can I see Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts?

The NEC is a huge place and so is Crufts. It’ll be in Halls 1-5, Pavilion 1 & 2 and the Genting Arena from tomorrow (Thursday) until Sunday. The biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers will be seen on Terrier Day, which is Sunday, but there will be Glens there every day.

On Sunday Glens are first in the ring at 9.00am in Hall 1, Ring 6. Hall 1 is easy to access (if a visitor) via the NEC main entrance. They will be in the ring for around a couple of hours and then at the benches afterwards if you want to talk to the owners, take photographs etc. (After the breed has been judged the EFG invites anybody interested in Glens to join them in eating cake to celebrate 20 years since the club came into being.)

Discover Dogs is in Hall 3 throughout the duration of the show and at Terrier Booth 13 there will be Glens so don’t worry if you are there Thursday, Friday or Saturday, it will still be possible to have a Glen fix.

This year though there will be two other opportunities to see the breed. For the first time this year the KC are holding the final of the Vulnerable Breeds Competition. Glens are represented by Romainville Billy Whizz and it’ll be held in the main arena (Genting) on Friday at 6.10pm. Also the Young Kennel Club Groomer of the Year is being held on Friday at the YKC ring (Hall 3). The Over 18 Groom Clip/Trim & Strip will see a Glen in the ring as Emma Bull has picked Muffin Baldock to work her magic on. Caitlin Forbes, in the same class with a Westie, also used to show a Glen.

There is television, web coverage and live streaming throughout the entire event. That’ll be listed on here tomorrow.

We’re busy running up to Crufts but if you have a few minutes do have a look at this as National Purebred Dog Day are featuring Glen of Imaal Terriers!

5 thoughts on “Where can I see Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts?

  1. Hi there, thank you for the mention,
    Looking forward to Fridays ykc grooming competition! Also meeting all the other fantastic glens,
    Hope to see some of you guys there
    Emma Bull x

    • Steve, I know you, but Emma doesn’t, so apologise for giving her a bad impression of us.
      Emma just ignore him and have a great time with Muffin

  2. No Liz i really think the term guy for a lady isnt really cricket, I would never use it in reference to a lady Liz.

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