Let’s hear it again….

We applauded yesterday so let’s hear it one more time for Glen of Imaal Terriers (and their people) at Crufts. Every year Discover Dogs is the place to be for so many visitors and flying the Glen flag most distinguishedly were, amongst others, Basil, Brogan, Digby, Dylan, Gill, Inga, Lady, Misty & Mutley. There were more people than ever around the ring and some serious travelling had occurred. The East Coast of America was well represented and, this year, the West was there as well. Glen Team Finland were there in force and some flew in to spectate. Nice to see you all and hope the journeys home weren’t too long and tiring.

It was the EFG 20th year and the invitation had gone out to “come and eat cake”. What can be said other than the invitation was certainly taken up and it was so nice to see so many people. The Cake, it has to be a definitive, was a Nicki Montford double flavour creation. Suffice to say people just walking passed stopped to take a quick picture with usually a comment of “wow”. Thank you for joining us.

Unusually for Glens they made appearances in the rings other than Terrier Day so a quick thumbs up again to Emma and Muffin in the YKC Grooming and Billy with his remarkable 3rd in the Vulnerable Breeds Final. Great publicity for the breed.


1 thought on “Let’s hear it again….

  1. I can only speak for Sunday on Discover Dogs, but we had a fantastic day. Mutley never stopped wagging his tail, he gave glen kisses to anyone who spoke to him and had so many cuddles from the very young to the very old.

    Lots of people had actually heard of us and seen Billy on the TV coverage. Lots of ‘oh a proper dog!’ And the usual ‘much bigger than we expected.’

    We even met a lady from the actual glen of Imaal!

    Roll on 2017

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