From the EFG Committee and A REMINDER!

At the recent Committee Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club the following was discussed:-

Arrangements for the Open show are well in hand. Donations of rosettes, prize money and support from dog food manufacturers have been obtained. The committee also agreed to provide a small gift to all entries in addition to the usual entrants raffle to commemorate the 20th year of EFG.

The judges for the open show have been nominated up to 2019. It was noted that it was likely there would be a shortage of judges going forward following the KC’s change of approach. It is therefore import to bring on new judges and ensure that we get nominations for consideration at the next AGM

To mark the 20th year ring clips have been produced, a dog  diary with EFG logo, calendars and a cake, that was very well received, to celebrate at Crufts.  An update on these items/events was noted.

The website has been refreshed and costings were received for the production of a new Introduction to Glens booklet. It was agreed to circulate the original to the committee so that input can be gathered as to content and design.

The successful participation in the Genome project was welcomed and the Health update noted

The opportunity to run a grooming event was discussed and it was suggested that  advice on dog showing  could be usefully added to the day for new owners. The committee agreed to look at the possibility.

The Funday has been moved to 16/17th July to avoid a clash with East of England. Eye testing has been arranged as usual. A 20th anniversary soiree will hopefully also be held following the show.

Date of the next committee meeting was proposed as 16th July so if any member has anything they would like bringing up please let a Committee Member know.

That’s the official boring bit and now a reminder about the FUN BIT. Sunday is the EFG Open Show (in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier) and it’ll be a blast. The Club Show is in first so it’ll give plenty of time for a get together before the afternoon session of judging. Remember we’ll be doing the usual bring and share of food because together we can! Looking forward to a great day to celebrate the EFG 20th year since formation





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