Not the only ones then

At a show a few weeks ago a discussion took place about breed specific movement and how it was rapidly disappearing. So many judges expected all breeds in front of them to move the same and if it didn’t move like the others it was mentally dismissed even though, in some cases, it might be one of only a few moving CORRECTLY for the breed it was. A couple of old style dog show people just having a moan perhaps but it was nice to have this sent along. Just ask yourself how many, judge, breeder, exhibitor can actually identify Glen of Imaal Terrier breed specific movement?

3 thoughts on “Not the only ones then

    • From the AKC standard, “Gait: The action should be free and even, covering the ground effortlessly with good reach in front and good drive behind. This is a working terrier, which must have the agility, freedom of movement and endurance to do the work for which it was developed.”

    • Shame there’s no fore and aft movement … i.e. going away and coming towards.

      Side gait alone doesn’t show the whole picture …

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