As the weather hopefully begins to pick up & we all look forward to the run of championship shows, here is a timely reminder ……..

Your dog is vulnerable and at risk during hot weather and the kennel club offers the following guidance to help guide you through the do’s and don’ts travelling to and whilst at KC licensed events.

• When travelling to a show please take a moment to consider whether the route to the show is on a busy holiday route, and leave earlier to avoid increased time in traffic jams.

• If your vehicle is not air-conditioned seriously consider whether travelling to the show is a good idea at all.

• The vehicle should be as fully ventilated as possible, and plenty of stops should be taken, with lots of water available to drink.

• Ensure your dog is not sitting in full sunlight. There should be plenty of free flowing air around the dog.

• When at the show, never leave your dog in the vehicle.

• Keep the dog in the shade – take your own shade for example a large umbrella and always have plenty of water available to drink so your dog stays well hydrated.

• Avoid your dog taking part in unnecessary exertion, or from standing in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time.
Remember, if you feel hot, your dog is very likely to feel much hotter and dehydrated, and this could lead to dire results.

Please look after your dog’s welfare.