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As you may be aware, the AHT will soon be starting its search for the Glen of Imaal Terrier who is going to be whole genome sequenced.  NB. This Glen will be one that was bred and currently lives in the UK.

One of the sources for possible candidate Glens will be our DNA Archive … and we would like to encourage as many owners as possible to submit buccal (cheek) swabs from their Glens.

We are especially looking for older Glens that are healthy i.e. no known medical conditions … an up-to-date eye certificate would be an added bonus!  

However, ALL contributions to the DNA Archive, whatever the age, and from Glens that have health conditions as well as those that are fit and healthy are welcomed!

The EFG Health website has information about the DNA Archive and a video demonstrating how to take cheek swabs:

If you and your Glen would like to contribute to this invaluable resource, please contact Alison Seall, EFG Health Coordinator at to request a swab kit:

Thank you very much for your support.

Alison Seall, EFG Health Coordinator

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  1. We have also been asked :-
    You may also contact Jeanette Penny of GOITA being their Coordinator for the DNA archive swab kits on 01543 304025 or
    You can also speak to Don Harley if you have any further queries. on 01246 725262 or ‘DONALD HARLEY’ , GOITA Health Coordinator.

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