Going away this summer with your dog?

To recognise places that welcome & accept dogs the Kennel Club runs the Dog Friendly Award, they have also teamed up with Dog Friendly that currently has over 30,000 businesses and places on its database, so if you go away over the coming weeks you should hopefully be able to find somewhere that says “WELCOME” to you and your dog.

Montgomery Cluster

Montgomery Terrier Show in early October is THE event for all Terrier people and particularly for Glen of Imaal Terrier owners as the American Glen Club has their Specialty at  Montgomery itself. All week though they are shows and events for terriers so it is a great trip if anybody is thinking of visiting Philadelphia in the “early fall”. Full details from a Glen point of view can be found in the following flyer GITCASpecialtyFlyer20167-12-16

We’re still out there!

At Leeds Championship Show Boudivella Oscar got his first CC (with Best of Breed) with Young May Moon taking the bitch ticket. Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor & Roaminville Razzamatazz taking the two Reserves. At the Danish Terrier Club Show McCormac Setna Sithbacc was Best of Breed whilst in Germany Spirit of Ireland Angel was taking Best veteran & Best of Breed. In Lithuania Pearytail Candy McCoy took the top award at one show and also obtained the last Lithuanian Junior CAC so became a Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and Baltic Junior Champion at another where Pearytail Black Cat was BOB. The Pearytails had a good weekend because at the same time Pearytail Cherry Bomb was Best of Breed in Helsinki.

Over in America a cluster of shows at Portand (Oregon) saw two Best of Breeds for Keadeen Blue Boy of Bluesette and one for Keadeen Sir Emmet Mingus Glas.

Pride of place has to be given though to the fabulous Oliver as Monique writes the following:- “Even though it was 95 degrees at the Performance Scent Dog trial yesterday in Littleton, MA, Oliver qualified in 2 classes and earned 1st place ribbons: Excellent Buildings & Excellent Distance (metallic level)! The judges were impressed with his strong work ethic. That’s my boy!

I was especially excited about him earning his Excellent Building leg. The 2 contiguous rooms were overflowing with furniture and storage material, so it was difficult. After locating 2 hides and with 30 seconds left to go, Oliver sort of alerted near the door and a tall plastic container unit. Not convinced it was an alert on a scented hide, I moved him around the room while he barked at me. With a few seconds left, I brought him back to the area of interest and he sniffed around but didn’t give me a convincing alert, so I called finish thinking we had blown it. Nope. I was correct in not calling it and the judge told me afterwards that she thought he was simply waiting to leave b/c he had finished searching. Whew.”

Beauty and brains, Glen of Imaal Terriers have them both!



Another KCAI event

From the Kennel Club:-

We thought you would like to know that bookings for the Scheme’s Annual Event 2016 are now open to all canine professionals and those considering a career with dogs, and we would love for you to join us!The event offers interesting and informative seminars, through theory-based sessions and practical workshops catering for a wide range of canine-related professions and interests.

We have an impressive line-up of speakers and sessions, which includes:

  • Professor Steve Dean: BVetMed, MRCVS, DVR – from the perspective of a veterinary surgeon Professor Dean will look at how we translate health and welfare theories to the dog, and what the average dog owner can do to ensure health and welfare can be assured.
  • Stephen Jenkinson: MSc Countryside Management – will be speaking on how you can advise and train clients to have happy and healthy walks, and provide guidance to Commercial dog walkers on practical, legal and welfare challenges.
  • Dr Jacqueline Boyd: Senior Lecturer in Animal Science, BSc (Hons), MSc Animal Nutrition, PhD Genetics – covers one of the most hotly debated topics in the dog world – diet and nutrition, and considers their impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

Pam Mackinnon: Founder Talking Dogs Scentwork® – will be leading a fantastic practical session on Scentwork, looking at the theory of the discipline and even giving you the opportunity to have a go and find your chosen scents with your dog!

Full details can be found on the KCAI website

A reminder


… if s/he would be happy to make a contribution to the International Glen of Imaal Terrier Database at the Animal Health Trust?!

It’s easy … all you need to do is persuade your Glen to let you take 5 cheek swabs …

We have a webpage explaining all about our DNA Archive … an invaluable resource for future health research projects … and we have even made a video to show you how to take the swabs!

Here’s the DNA Archive page: http://www.efghealth.co.uk/dna_archive.html

And the video is here: http://www.efghealth.co.uk/dna_archive.html#video

Alison Seall, DNA Archive Coordinator is happy to help if you have any queries:

Email: glenarchive@gmail.com

Telephone: 01403 269038

Thank you for your support … and thank you to your Glens for their valued contributions!


So how did it go then?

This slideshow is just a flavour of how it all went and there is a bigger one on the EFG website

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The (now annual) sacrifices to the weather Gods worked and it was a beautiful day-sunny but not too warm. There is always that first thought of “will they come?” but as one American film said “if you build it, they will come” and it was true once more. People laughed, talked, gossiped, met up with people after a 30 year gap and generally had a great day. How far did they come then? A field in Lincolnshire had folk from as far away as Manchester, Bournemouth and all points between. We were pleased and they seemed to be as well. The raffle sold out. All the Chinese was eaten in the evening. The fun dog show judge was approved of “well he’s Dutch isn’t he so worth coming along for”. Even the hired toilets, blue for boys and pink for girls, got a laugh. Actually that makes an excellent summing up to it all, it was a laugh

Another busy weekend!

Summer is hopefully here and some Glen of Imaal Terrier exhibitors are celebrating it by getting out and about on the road.

We’ll start in Europe at Sligo (Ireland) and Best of Breed there was Daulton’s Midnight Sky of Galore with Abberann Phelan Best Dog. In Germany the KfT Klubseigers at Beusheim were der Fellow Ashton de CoCo and Fire & Ice Liberty. In Finland Gleann Una Noonan was BOB and Gleann Cotton Candy Best Opposite at Orivesi whilst at Mantsala Cotton Candy was BOB & his sister Curvy Corvette BOS and both became Finnish Champions.

Over in America THE news is another Best In Show for Glen of Imaal Terriers and this time it was Abberann Torcan who bought honour to the breed at Belvidere and then got a Gp2 the next day. A cluster in Ohio (two Green River KC Shows and one Ashtabula KC) saw numerous Group placings. At Green River 1 Daulton’s Rory was BOB & OHGp4 with Tipperary Cora Countess of Grantham Best Bitch. Ashtabula had the honours reversed with Cora getting the nod and OHGp4 with Rory Best Opposite and Green River 2 finished off a rather good weekend for Cora with another BOB, OHGp3 and Terrier Group 4, Rory was Best Dog to her again. A cluster in Vermont-Two Woodstock Dog Club & two Green Mountain Dog Club had Daulton’s Wild Night of Galore taking 3 Best of Breeds and a Group 4 with Kilkenny Granite Glen Rooney (BOS at Woodstock 1) getting a OHGp4 as well and she then went on to BOB at Green Mountain 2.

Oh yes it was the EFG Funday as well and it went pretty well. Just to wet the appetite today is only a picture of the BIS and the RBIS who was also Best Puppy. There will be more tomorrow!

Well done to everybody for a great weekend-whether flying the flag in the exhibition ring or flying the flag to show how great Glen people are at the EFG day.