It’s the Final Countdown……

…… the EFG Fun Show (with BVA/KC eye-testing) is this coming weekend!

One of the things that the EFG excels at, indeed the majority of Glen of Imaal Terrier are exactly the same, is in the provision of “refreshments”. Yes they will be there and new for this year will be Cream Teas because……all together now….it is Summer and there just has to be scones and clotted cream!

If anybody attending would like to bring a cake (homemade or a quick trip to Asda) it would be appreciated.

Saturday night will be the usual Chinese so if you will be staying-you don’t have to be a Glen owner-can you please let Jean ( know as soon as possible as she needs to give a rough idea of numbers to the owner of the ChineseĀ Take Away.