What is a (sort of) grooming workshop?

 Rather than a formal demonstration it is a chance to learn techniques, try out equipment, find out what your dog requires to look his/her best.

Topics will be whatever anyone wants on the day. Pet owners, groomers & exhibitors are all welcome.

It may be how to prevent the dreaded tidemark on a Glen or perhaps you struggle with feet, ears & tails?

Might it be how to hide less desirable features and enhance the better ones?

It may be how to prevent or remove knotting.

It can be hands on or just watching.

There will be a selection of equipment to try in your hands – so often people buy a stripping knife and then discover it doesn’t suit them or the coat they are working on – but none for sale so no hard selling.

There will be brushes, combs, shears, trimmers, thinners, nail clippers to try under supervision.

Try that brush you wondered about with a £50 price tag and find out why it isn’t recommended for a Glen of Imaal Terrier.

This is why it’s a (sort of) Grooming Workshop. It’s available throughout the day, it’s available for you and it’s whatever you want. Other breeds are welcome.