So how did it go then?

This slideshow is just a flavour of how it all went and there is a bigger one on the EFG website

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The (now annual) sacrifices to the weather Gods worked and it was a beautiful day-sunny but not too warm. There is always that first thought of “will they come?” but as one American film said “if you build it, they will come” and it was true once more. People laughed, talked, gossiped, met up with people after a 30 year gap and generally had a great day. How far did they come then? A field in Lincolnshire had folk from as far away as Manchester, Bournemouth and all points between. We were pleased and they seemed to be as well. The raffle sold out. All the Chinese was eaten in the evening. The fun dog show judge was approved of “well he’s Dutch isn’t he so worth coming along for”. Even the hired toilets, blue for boys and pink for girls, got a laugh. Actually that makes an excellent summing up to it all, it was a laugh

1 thought on “So how did it go then?

  1. What a lovely photo of Sue with Bryn, Just goes to show how good the oldies can be.. Oops! did mean the glen of course.
    Lovely to see all the shots..
    Linda Samuel has taken photos all the prize winners as well throughout the Dog Show.
    What a weekend and many thanks to all. Another successful year. So much appreciated to all the helpers and the hard work they put in..

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