Leeds Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

Thank you to the officers and committee for my invitation to judge our breed, also a thank you to the two stewards for all  their help, but mainly thank you the owners for your entries.

JD   1st:  TOBIJANSKI, Miss J & TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor . Good bite with strong head correct eye and ear set level top line good angulations deep chest and well boned, Moved with drive very well presented and handled. Reserve Dog CC

PGD   1st:  HANNINGTON Miss A Boudivella Oscar. A honest lad with strong head correct bite and ear set,  good shoulder placement well muscled neck correct front good depth of chest. Correct top line good angulation, in very good coat movement good for and aft, Deserved Dog CC and Best Of Breed.  2nd:  ALSTEAD Dr J Golden Spurs .Good  head and bite correct ear set well off for bone good coat, Not settled on the move.

LD   1st:  SQUIRES, Mrs C & SQUIRES Messrs I& OW Bendikes Edward Bear At  Squiresbeach. Correct bite head nice head correct ear set solid body, ample bone correct front sturdy body. A little unsettled on the move.

OD   1st:  PERRIE Mrs J Poachersmoon Angus Mag Og .Good head and bite good ear set correct shoulder placement  deep chest ample bone good angulation did not move well on the long grass

JB  1st:  GEORGE Mrs K A Romainville Razzamatazz. Liked this young bitch, Pretty expression, Liked her head correct bite and eye  colour good bone correct front and top line, good shoulder placement  nice turn of stifle but  not overdone, deep chest  Handled and presented well, Movement sound,  pressed hard for top honours. Reserve Bitch CC, Well done

PGB  1st:  GEORGE Mrs K A Romainville Anna Belle. A nicely turned out wheaten bitch with pretty head correct bite front and feet, moved really well for her handler a young lady that  needs time to body up.    2nd:PERRIE,Mrs J, Amhard Jessie Jay B. Correct bite nice head neck and shoulder placement, A wheaten with plenty of bone but not overdone good front deep chest, Lost out to first on rear movement.

LB    1st:  SQUIRES, Mrs C & SQUIRES Messrs I& OW Young May Moon. Liked this one,  a honest bitch good head piece correct bite strong jaw lovely expression, strong neck down to good lay of shoulder Sturdy body good angulations all round,  correct front. correct feet position,  When settled in movement proved to  be sound. Pleased to award Bitch CC and Reserve Best of Breed.

OB  1st:  GEORGE, Mrs K A & GARNHAM, Mr M & GEORGE K Romainville Fade To Grey. A blue bitch with pretty head correct bite kind expression, correct round eye of good colour  good lay of shoulder correct front and feet good turn of stifle. Moved  well.

Donald Harley (Judge)