Ireland’s Heartland Heritage Festival

Ireland has a record of promoting their breeds (some of us remember the IKC events and a brilliant speech by Sean Delmar on the Kerry in particular) but it hasn’t really been done for quite a few years now. This is going to change in November when the 1st Ireland Heartland heritage Festival will take place. A full catalogue of events has been scheduled and updates will be on here as soon as things are known.

A5 Flyer SIDE 1 A5 Flyer SIDE 2

4 thoughts on “Ireland’s Heartland Heritage Festival

  1. I wondered whether there might be a “special arrangement” for a one-off show …?

    Otherwise, it’s £25.62 (+ extra if you pay by credit card) to register with the IKC, over and above the entry charge (not listed) … for ONE show.

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