European Dog Show this coming weekend.

The European Dog Show is in Belgium this weekend. For anybody interested in seeing what’s what they have released the official programme online. It’s very smart, very professionally done and with some seriously expensive advertising. A guide to all the breeds exhibiting is also in it. Glen of Imaal Terriers are on Sunday, ring 35 in Hall 6 and there is a fine looking DOCKED Glen illustrating what we look like…..if only.

2 thoughts on “European Dog Show this coming weekend.

  1. Interesting that they would choose to use a docked Glen to represent the breed in the program. Is it an artist’s drawing or an old photo of an actual dog? If this show is as half as nice as the catalog I may have to go one of these years! Does it move from country to county around Europe every year or is it always in the same location?

    • It’s like the World Show insofar it moves around any country that comes under the FCI banner. Obviously though it is only Europe for this one.

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