Want to try Earthdog with your Glen of Imaal?

EARTHDOG WORKSHOP      FRIDAY, 14TH October 2016 – 9am -18.30pmearthdog-workshop-logo-with-fox-head

Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry Warwickshire        CV8 2LZ United Kingdom

Inner terrier-get terriers off the table and into the earth!

All terriers are earthdogs and this workshop is open to short legged and long legged small medium terriers Border/Plummer/JRT/Cairn/WHWT/Welsh/Cesky/Fox Wire/Smooth/Parson/Norwich/Norfolk/Australian/Lakeland/Glen of Imaal/Dandie/JagD/Patterdale/Fell-Dachshund

Earthdog workshop to tunnel train and develop voice, nose, sight comprising of anatomy-diggers, Test Aptitude to bring out the “voice”, sight training and nose training culminating in running an artificial den. The tunnel for the larger chested terriers will be 25cm x25cm

No animals will be killed or injured during the test training or artificial den running

Dogs 12 months minimum age

Motivation to eventually have a happy dog and owner as your dogs’ inner terrier has been released and can lead to further work in Master of Fox Hound working certificate and vermin control. The best way to bond with your terrier.

Inscription form: jrasamuyr@gmail.com £48 per dog