Glen Rescue…the side nobody really wants to think about.

Last Saturday a Glen of Imaal Terrier went to the vets to be killed. He had been going to come into Rescue but the owner made a decision herself. She had got the Glen from a general rescue organisation, she told them she wanted it for a dog-friendly café, they had allowed it to go. Suffice to say the reaction of the Glen to this new environment resulted in rather a lot of blood. She was shocked, she spoke to the breeder (who had no idea the dog had been rehomed) and she spoke to Rescue. Arrangements were made. The breeder did some ringing around & discovered the Glen had gone into Rescue, not because of the house move told, but because it was unpredictable. It’s record included, amongst other things, killing a sheep and it had never been groomed because it growled. It was a dog totally unsuitable for its owner but the breeder had no idea there had been problems. The original owners had kept going with it, the dog ruling the roost, for 6 years but then it had got too much. The new owner instantly realised what the old owner had refused to do- it couldn’t go on.

Are you reading this with shock and horror? If so is it for what the Glen did? What the new owner did or how horrible my Glen isn’t like that at all? The Glen did what all Glens could do. The new owner did exactly and precisely what she should and your Glen could very well have acted/ will act just the same. If you think you “could have done something with it” would you like to offer a home to the 5 year old bitch who is in Rescue because she is good with people but downright nasty with other dogs?

There have been 6 others in this year. What else could a pet owner do, who had never owned a Glen before, who was sold an adult bitch to live with his adult bitch of another breed do? Stop cringing at the back there, you know and I know that that should never have happened but it did and this is the problem:-Glen of Imaal Terrier actual knowledge verses Glen of Imaal Terrier “we read it up on the internet and joined  Social Media” knowledge.

This was written back in 2002: This unfortunately illustrates something that does seem to be happening within the breed. Some admirers are so taken up with how wonderful their animals are they are forgetting to be exactly honest on the true temperament and character of the breed. We all love the breed to bits but it must be remembered and emphasised that Glens are generally not suitable for first time dog owners, unless they have a basic grounding in stock, as they will not be backward in walking all over somebody who does not enforce proper pack discipline and rules

There has been a Glen Rescue since 1980 and 2006 was the first year no dogs came in. There were a quiet few years and then it started again and now there have been 6 Rescues, 4 placements (Glens rehomed, with Rescue assistance, straight to a new home) and 3 mind-change placements but we expect so see them again sometime, in just 9 months. Once upon a time when you bred a Glen you were responsible for it until it’s death and it’s high time that came back into being. YOU BREED IT-YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT