Irish Sporting Glen Club critique

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Sporting Club of Ireland

Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge, this was my first trip to Ireland and I was made most welcome. The show itself was a real family affair, the shore work and lure racing was great fun for both dogs and humans, the weight pulling interesting to watch too. It was good to see that the dogs could work as well as show. I saw some good dogs, but I think that however good a specimen your dog is, attention should also be paid to mouths it just completes the whole picture.If you are entering into the realms of showing, the mouth is an important feature.

Baby Puppy

1st Derrynamuck Aonamach  6 months blue/brindle bitch Good head and expression, good bite, broad skull with correct shoulder placement. Good topline and hindquarters and good bone. Sound, moves well but could do with a bit more front leg, but still only a baby so could grow on.

2nd Stiubhard Rock n Rolla blue/brindle male 4 months entire, with good expressive head, good ears, shoulder could be better placed, sound, moves well with good topline and hindquarters. Ably handled by a very young man!

3rd Stiubhard Rhapsody 4 month wheaten bitch sister to 2nd. Good head and expression, correct bite, good neck and shoulder placement. Good topline and hindquarters, sound and moves well.Lost out to 2nd dog as his topline was better.

Puppy Dog

1st Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack,  9 months blue male of upper size. Good head and expression with good ear set, strong muzzle. Good neck and shoulder, with good topline to good hindquarters. Sound with a good free stride, my best dog and also judged as dog of the day for his shorework, lure racing and weight pulling, bob also

2nd Stiubhard Ezy Rider Blue brindle male brother to 1. A smaller dog than 1, with good head and earset, could have a better stop. Shoulder could be better placed, good topline and hindquarters. Sound away, close to not quite the movement of 1 Res Best Dog


1st Ballyclare Finn 3 years blue/brindle mouth could be better good head and expression with good earset. Neck good a bit short in shoulder, topline and hindquarters good, sound and moves well.

2nd Ballyclare  Fuzzy 2years blue/ brindle with good head, ears a bit heavy. Mouth could be better. Shoulder could be better placed, topline and hindquarters good. Sound with adequate movement

3rd Bailielands Dodger Blue/brindle male of smaller type than first two. Good head and expression, shoulder could be better, he was not relaxed and this affected his topline. Good hindquarters but on the day did not want to move.


1st Carriglen Torcan 7 years wheaten male good head and earset, good expression , light eyes which detracted. Good front and hindquarters, strong body good topline. Did not have the movement of the best and res best dog.

Puppy Bitch

Stiubhard Gypsy Eyes 9 month wheaten bitch sister to the two dog pups. Good head and bite, good ears with good neck, shoulder and topline. Could have a bit better hind angles, sound, needs more drive

Junior Bitch

1st Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Estrange Wheaten bitch with Good head, expression and earset. Good shoulder and topline, would like a bit more hind angles. Sound away toes in a bit coming to. She did not have much coat so ‘what you saw was what you got’ Very stylish shape, like a bit more body to finish the picture, which will come with age.   Her movement is very good which won her best bitch.

2nd Tara Blue/brindle with good head and expression, good ear set. Good neck leading to good topline, front is good needs more hindquarter. A bit long on the leg, Sound but erratic in movement.

3rd Savannah wheaten head is ok but jaw needs to be stronger, the mouth is not correct. Shoulder forward placed, short in the body, hind angles adequate. Sound moved adequately

Open Bitch

1/ Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty 4 years wheaten bitch with good head and expression, good earset. Mouth is correct but could have a stronger jaw. Good coat and body. Hindquarters good, sound moves well but not the drive on the move as my best bitch she was Res best bitch

2/Poachersmoon Flidais Smaller wheaten bitch 4yrs sister to 1, good head and expression with good ears. Good neck, forward placed shoulder, body a bit short. Good hindquarters , sound but moved eraticaly

3/Bailielands Millie 9 1/2years blue, mouth not correct. Good strong head with good expression and good earset. Good front, topline and hindquarters, didn’t move so well but sound.

Veteran Bitch

1st Bailielands Leanbh Orga 6yrs wheaten bitch of smaller type. Good head and expression, neck ok but the shoulder is a bit forward placed with short upper arm. Topline and hindquarters good. Sound but bunny hopped all the way round so a bit difficult to assess on the move.

2nd Ballyfoyle Ellie 9 ½ year blue good head but expression detracts as the eyes are light. Mouth not correct. Front and rear angles good, sound moves ok

Best Dog &BOB Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack Res Best Dog Stiubhard Ezy Rider

Best Bitch Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Strange Res Best Bitch Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty

Best Puppy Derrynamuck Aonamach

Kathy George (Judge)