Preparing the 2018 diary

The World Dog Show 2018 is to be held in Amsterdam and the schedule is already out! The show is August 9-12th, the 9th being Benelux Winner (all groups) and the other 3 days being the WDS with Group 3 (Terriers) on the Friday and a special Terrier Group Show on the Saturday. Rainer Jacobs (DE) Monique van Brempt (BE) will be doing Glen of Imaal Terriers at the Benelux & World Dog Show respectively


1 thought on “Preparing the 2018 diary

  1. Hopefully the “Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier” will organize the day after the WDS her Champion Clubmatch with a Irish specialist. We did it in 2002 and we had a great entry of 62 Glens!

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