Where have you “found” a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

monty2-2This is “Monty”. He was probably the first cast Glen of Imaal Terrier model to go travelling as he came to England over 15 years ago via a motorhome and the Channel Tunnel. He caused a sensation when he manned the booth at Discover Dogs and many fell in love with him. Monty’s siblings are now all over Europe.

The Danish blue plates were very, very popular a while ago and they had two Glen plates in the series- many enthusiasts purchased them.

Christmas is coming so let’s find out what is available out there for Glen lovers. What’s in the shops, on the internet, found on ebay? It you have found a one off that’s even better because it shows that, with a bit of research things can be found. Send a photograph if you can or an internet link. It’ll be interesting to see what’s around.

2 thoughts on “Where have you “found” a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

  1. If you google ‘glen of imaal presents’, you get everything from glasses, mugs, notebooks to tissue paper!

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