Crufts entries are open

March seems an awfully long way away but Crufts entries are now open. There is plenty of time until the closing postal entries (9th January) and even longer until online (23rd January) but take this as a reminder for the diary.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are on Thursday March 9th and will be 3rd in Ring 6 in Hall1. Alan Small will be the judge of the day

Glen of Imaal Terrier “stuff”

Last week Monty graced the blog and a couple of interesting things have been sent: has anybody else got these?

Health Reminder

Will your Glen be the 100th Glen to contribute to our DNA Archive …?

Calling all Glens … young and old … those in good health … and those with health conditions …

Please give up just a few minutes of your time to make a valuable contribution to the archive … for the benefit of future health research projects …

 It’s easy … we now have a dedicated website … with a video … and an online swab kit request form:

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) … where the archive is located … request a voluntary donation of £5.00 per swab kit to cover the costs of the swab kit, admininstration and long term storage.  However, if your Glen has a documented health condition, the AHT is happy to waive this small charge.

Let’s aim for 100 Glens “on the books” by the end of the year …!

If you have a swab kit at home … but just haven’t got round to persuading your Glen to having his/her cheek swabs done … please do it now!

We welcome photos of dogs and their swabs … to go onto the Glen Archive Blog!  Check out our first photos … and please do send in a picture of your Glen … and a swab!!

Thank you for your support!

South Wales Kennel Association critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

Rather an unbalanced entry between dogs & bitches today. Please to only find one incorrect bite.

PD (1)

1 Hogburn’s Pajantick Razamataz, masculine dog showing lots of promise. Super head, strong jaw. Well set ears. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be better moving towards. Well ribbed. Would prefer more rise in his topline. OK rear. Very good profile action. BP.

JD (3)

1 Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor, quite a nice type dog with the best front in class, just enough bow in forelegs. Very good head. Deep chest. Well bodied. Has a rise in his topline. Rear could have more angulation. Super profile action;

2 Coniry’s Stuibhard Hit The Road Jack At Adrgraigue, out of coat but quite a nice type of Glen. Has a lovely head. But untidy moving towards. Well laid shoulder. Very good body. Rise in his topline. Needs more hind angulation. Better tail than

3 Smith’s Romainville Bilbo Baggins.

PGD (1)

1 Rogers’ Kingcottage Boogie On Basil, typy dog who is in very good coat. Masculine head. Well set ears but could be smaller. Lengthy neck. Front is too bowed. Liked his body. Good rise in topline to a well set tail uses his rear very well.

LD (3) 1 Hannington’s Boudivella Osca, really good, typical dog. Masculine in head. Super eye & expression. Could have slightly more neck. Very good front. Correct bow but moved well. Grand body. Good rise in topline. Could have a firmer rear. In good coat. RCC;

2 Alstead’s Golden Spurs, lovely character. Has a good head. Well set ears. Correct neck. Shoulders set rather forward. Well bodied. Some rise in topline. In good coat;

3 George’s Romainville Jazz Man.

OD (1)

1 Hogburn’s Pajantick Star Trooper, lovely dog, strong & fit & very typical. Has a good head. Dark eyes, super expression. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Correct bow to his front. Well ribbed back. Rise to his topline. Better in rear than the limit dog. He really drives going away. Super stride & outline in profile. CC & BOB.

PB & JB (0).

PGB (1)

1 Richards’ Stiubhard Bellatrix L’estrange, not carrying much coat, she is a very nice type & moves well. Fem head of strength. Well set ears. Correct neck. Good front with bow to her legs. Topline could rise slightly more & have more hind angulation. Well set & straight tail. BCC

LB (0).

OB (1)

1 George & Garnham’s Romainville Fade To Grey, quite a nice type of bitch in full coat, not using her tail at all. She has a feminine head of strength. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Bowed front but a tendency to knuckle over. Deep chest. Could be shorter in loin, but has a nice rise in topline. Fair rear. Very good profile action. RCC.


It has to be just “brains” this week.

This week, after Tula last week, it has to be the full fanfare for BRAINS and such talent has to be a “standalone” announcement!

Kelli Whitfield writes about Finnabair Winston O’Reilly: The AKC offers a versatility title, Versatile Companion Dog, for dogs who complete specific titles in three performances events: obedience, agility and tracking. In order to earn a VCD1 the dog must earn the companion dog title(CD) in obedience, agility titles in both standard agility (NA/ NAP) and jumpers with weaves(NAJ/NJP) from either the regular classes or the preferred classes(preferred classes have lower jump heights)  and a tracking title (TD/TDU.) There are 4 levels for VCD titles and the link to that is here:   In 2015 only 3 terriers earned VCD1 titles and Winston was one of the three terriers and the first Glen of Imaal Terrier to ever earn an AKC VCD1. There is a huge 300 page file that shows all AKC stats for 2015 if you are a numbers person and want to check it out. The terriers are on page 255 for VCD1:



Where have you “found” a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

monty2-2This is “Monty”. He was probably the first cast Glen of Imaal Terrier model to go travelling as he came to England over 15 years ago via a motorhome and the Channel Tunnel. He caused a sensation when he manned the booth at Discover Dogs and many fell in love with him. Monty’s siblings are now all over Europe.

The Danish blue plates were very, very popular a while ago and they had two Glen plates in the series- many enthusiasts purchased them.

Christmas is coming so let’s find out what is available out there for Glen lovers. What’s in the shops, on the internet, found on ebay? It you have found a one off that’s even better because it shows that, with a bit of research things can be found. Send a photograph if you can or an internet link. It’ll be interesting to see what’s around.