As we leave 2016…

Let us all celebrate Glen of Imaal Terriers. Each and every one is special but the Top Show Glens are the ones that repeatedly get out to spread the word to everybody. In the UK Pajantick Star Trooper gets the accolade and it is Gleann Willie the Whale for Denmark. Finland sees Glenrosedale Buagh Ri Arthur Milo take the nod for number 1 and the USA raises a paw to Abberann Torcan and his younger “bro” Abberann Phelan gets the same in Ireland so incredibly well done.

If any other country would like to send their Top Glen we’d be happy to mention them on here.

Happy 2017 to every Glen of Imaal Terrier owner, admirer, follower, enthusiast and lover.

Have you noticed the “P”?

The front page of the EFG website now has a button on the top left hand corner that says Pinterest. If you hit the link it will take you to the board we have started. The generosity of Glen of Imaal Terrier people world wide in sending their news and photographs to share means the blog has one of the best (as in varied) Glen breed collections in the world so we’re sharing it further. Want to send anything?

EFG Committee Meeting summary

A committee meeting was held after judging at LKA.  A variety of matters were discussed. Costings had been obtained  to re-print  the information booklet for new owners. The committee agreed that the price quoted was good  and that the existing material should be reviewed, updated where needed and the project proceeded with.

The diaries printed last year to mark the 20th year of EFG made a small loss and it was agreed it was probably not something to repeat as not too many people use a diary. However if it was repeated we agreed to add the secretaries details to future copies.

Calendars were discussed and it was agreed that we should possibly look at producing one for 2018. It could follow the same lines as the one for 2016 with an invitation for people to submit images for consideration. Ask for interest via the blog.

Work is still proceeding on trying to put together a grooming day but finding dates that are suitable is proving a challenge.

Health matters were discussed. The genome project was still in the early stages so there was nothing to report. The breed final breed health survey report is awaited. A discussion took place on adding extra health advice pages to the EFG Health website. It was decided that we should wait until the full health report had been received and discussed.

Open show 2017 planning is all under control the judge will be Karen Forbes and Royal Canin have offered their support for prizes. Judges have accepted for 2018 and 2019. Committee were reminded that they and members needed to put forward nominations for consideration by members at the AGM.

The committee all expressed their willingness to continue serve at the end of their 3 year term but were reminded that they needed to submit nominations in the proper manner to the secretary prior to the AGM.

Santa is coming!



Happy Christmas!!!

The day after tomorrow is Christmas day. The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a totally non PC outlook so, in the spirit of the breed we adore, we’re wishing every Glen owner, fancier and admirer HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Happy Holidays, Winterfest etc. is just not for us. If you need a few moments peace anytime during the celebrations and excessiveness see if you can watch this. It’s from Irish television, is about Terrier Breeds of Ireland and is in Gaelic. Glens are about 13 minutes in.

Have a great couple of days……..however you spend it make sure to enjoy!!!!

Vulnerable Breeds competition closes soon

Owners of Vulnerable British and Irish dog breeds are reminded that entry to the Kennel Club’s dedicated Crufts competition closes at the end of the year.

To raise awareness of vulnerable native breeds, and to recognise those who are dedicated to their survival and prosperity, the Kennel Club created the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition in 2015. Its inaugural year was met with great enthusiasm by exhibitors and saw the top scoring winner from each vulnerable breed invited to attend the first grand final, held at Crufts 2016.

The final at Crufts 2017 will be held on Friday 10th March at the NEC in Birmingham.

The competition, which is sponsored by Eukanuba and run in conjunction with media partner Our Dogs, is open to dogs of all vulnerable breeds competing at open and championship shows, and dogs of breeds on the Kennel Club’s vulnerable breeds list are able to collect points for awards at these shows. Points can be claimed for Best of Breed or Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified (AVNSC) and also for group placings at championship shows.

Exhibitors should record their Best of Breed/Group wins on the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition claim form/book for points gained from January to December 2016, and then submit this to the Kennel Club for verification (points will be awarded for championship and specific open show wins).

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Kennel Club has been delighted with the response to the competition so far and is pleased that we are able to give these vulnerable breeds the recognition that they deserve.

“Now that the deadline is approaching, we would remind owners of these breeds that they need to fill out a claim form if they wish to have the opportunity to compete on the famous green carpet. Crufts is a wonderful showcase for pedigree dogs and the perfect chance to show the world just how special the rare British and Irish native breeds really are.”

To take part, exhibitors need to download a Kennel Club British and Irish Breeds Competition claim form from the Kennel Club website:

The completed form must be submitted to the Breed Shows Team at 5th January 2017. The Crufts finalist for each breed will be notified by the Kennel Club.

How points are awarded:

Single breed open shows and all breed/group open shows:

Best of Breed/Best in AVNSC classes     1 point

Championship shows

Best of Breed/Best in AVNSC classes     1 point

Group winner                                               4 points

2nd place in group                                      3 points

3rd place in group                                        2 points

4th place in group                                        1 point

Winter newsletter and 2017 show schedule now on the website

The EFG winter newsletter has now been posted, handed out and is on the EFG website (members area) for overseas members. Get in touch with Jean is you haven’t had yours (if you prefer a hard copy) or can’t remember the password for the member’s area if you prefer to read online.

The 2017 EFG Open Show schedule is also on the events section of the website