Showing Glen of Imaal Terriers in Canada

Last week the Canadian Kennel Club voted to move Glens out of Miscellaneous and into the Terrier group. Here’s some more information on how it will apply-thanks for sending it.

“Here is more information about showing Glens in Canada. Prior to the amendment passing this week to include Glens into the Terrier class and NOT the Miscellaneous class, you could only show a Glen in Canada by getting a Misc registration # which required a Canadian address. Once the amendment goes through (and I believe they are attempting to get this in place in the new year) it means that you can enter Glens into any show in Canada WITHOUT a misc registration # and, instead, enter the dog/bitch as ‘listed’ or by applying for an ERN (an event registration number). For listed dogs/bitches, you pay an extra listing fee when you enter into a show and the points won will be applied to a CH. You can also apply for an ERN prior to entering the dog/bitch into any Canadian show or after you have entered the shows (as you have 30 days to obtain one after the shows in order to have the points credited towards a CH). ERN are for foreign born dogs who do NOT have any Canadian owner as a co-owner listed on the AKC registration. I hope this makes sense ……”