EFG Committee Meeting summary

A committee meeting was held after judging at LKA.  A variety of matters were discussed. Costings had been obtained  to re-print  the information booklet for new owners. The committee agreed that the price quoted was good  and that the existing material should be reviewed, updated where needed and the project proceeded with.

The diaries printed last year to mark the 20th year of EFG made a small loss and it was agreed it was probably not something to repeat as not too many people use a diary. However if it was repeated we agreed to add the secretaries details to future copies.

Calendars were discussed and it was agreed that we should possibly look at producing one for 2018. It could follow the same lines as the one for 2016 with an invitation for people to submit images for consideration. Ask for interest via the blog.

Work is still proceeding on trying to put together a grooming day but finding dates that are suitable is proving a challenge.

Health matters were discussed. The genome project was still in the early stages so there was nothing to report. The breed final breed health survey report is awaited. A discussion took place on adding extra health advice pages to the EFG Health website. It was decided that we should wait until the full health report had been received and discussed.

Open show 2017 planning is all under control the judge will be Karen Forbes and Royal Canin have offered their support for prizes. Judges have accepted for 2018 and 2019. Committee were reminded that they and members needed to put forward nominations for consideration by members at the AGM.

The committee all expressed their willingness to continue serve at the end of their 3 year term but were reminded that they needed to submit nominations in the proper manner to the secretary prior to the AGM.